Single Channel Installation

Duration: 7:15 minutes


‘Banned’ is a work in progress which is comprised of fragments of footage appropriated from movies which were banned in South Africa during apartheid. 

My practice is concerned with power and history and how these elements can reveal the nature of those in control. Just like the social engineering implemented through the constructed segregated landscape of apartheid, control of information also stretched into psychological segregation, the mind construct of the ‘other’.

My interest lies in not only why these movies where banned in South Africa in the first place, but more importantly, I wish to reflect on the mentality of those who implemented censorship in South Africa. 

Reflecting on the ideologies of the architects of apartheid, who's psychology was rooted in the idea of the 'other', of control, fear and power, this simple act of censorship reveals how reality was altered to implement control and thereby aid the white apartheid governments policy of segregation.

UPDATE: During the first screening, as part of the Boda Boda Lounge Transcontinental video project, this work was censored in Zimbabwe and almost not screened in Uganda because of perceived homosexual content which is illegal under law in both countries.

The publication of this event and my response can be viewed here.

© 2017 Vincent Bezuidenhout

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