Dead Hand II is centered on the Cold-War-era nuclear-control system of the same name, also sometimes referred to as the Doomsday Machine. Implemented by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) as an example of fail-deadly deterrence, it's purpose was to automatically trigger the launch of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles if a nuclear strike was detected, the result being a mutually assured destruction. General speculation from insiders alleges that the system remains in use in post-Soviet Russia. 

This work consists of an exact replica of the Dead Hand system designed according to the specifications of the US Emergency Rocket Communications System guidelines. The difference being, that when triggered, Dead Hand II will transcribe all satellite and radio communications ordering the attack into the complete 1984 text form the essay No Apocalypse, Not Now (Full Speed Ahead, Seven Missiles, Seven Missives) by Jacques Derrida,  [1]


[1] Derrida, Jacques. ‘No Apocalypse, Not Now (Full Speed Ahead, Seven Missiles, Seven Missives)’, Diacritics, Vol. 14, No. 2, Nuclear Criticism. (Summer, 1984), pp. 20-31.


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Dead Head II was part of the 2016 traveling exhibition Nothing is Impossible by the No Show Museum (Zurich, Switzerland) and included stops in New York, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. More information can be found here.


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