Lights from the Island – Luces desde la Isla

The General Consulate of Colombia in New York
10 East 46 street
New York, NY 10017
212 798 900I

Invites you to the exhibition:

Lights from the Island – Luces desde la Isla
“Es una isla. Gente Blanca estuvo construyendo, en 1924 más o menos, un museo, una capilla, una pileta de natación. Las obras están concluidas y abandonadas.” — La
invención de Morel, Adolfo Bioy Casares

Andrea Arrubla - Vincent Bezuidenhout - Andrés Burgos - Julián Chams -C.J. Chueca - María Elvira Dieppa - Sarah Grass - Christian Hincapié -Diana
Sofia Lozano - Iliana Ortega - Juan Camilo Rodelo – Zulu Padilla
Curator: Alexis Pacheco – Maria Elvira Dieppa

Opening: Thursday Abril 12, 2018
On View: Abril 12 – May 1, 2018

Lights from the Island is a contemporary art exhibition in which six Colombian artists, living and working in New York City, were asked to invite further six with the
premise of each artist’s work relating to one another. This unconventional curatorial methodology is inspired by Abby Warburg’s Atlas, famous for revealing secret connections between images apparently distant in appearance. In the exhibition the work of 12 artists/islands interlock forming an archipelago of thoughts and ideas. The project refers to the Caribbean which parts intersect with other often alien territories and cultures, and because of that it has to constantly deal with belonging and not, with being here and at the same time somewhere else, like the characters
in Bioy Casares novel La invención de Morel.